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Yesbiotech Co., Ltd.

Dental Implant System

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Dental Implant System

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YES Implant System

Structure and Features

Pitting Abutment

The world's first, surprising effect of Sealing
If the strip by a circular groove in a uniform elastic contact area Pitting wake of deformation effects saenggipnida.
NO Gap
Masticatory force that occurs during use even if you get the elastic bands round Deformation within the limits will act as cushions.
NO Loosening
The patterned surface contact of the type of power even within the elastic limit Produced a distribution of the Svrew loosening or Abutment to prevent shaking.
Durable power dispersion
Uniform contact force received from the prosthesis as evenly Fixture By passing the half-blood test results higher than the general Abutment Repeat only once during the fatigue did not occur was also destroyed.

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